Banking, Liquidity And Technology with Purpose

MINCA has the experience, banking infrastructure and technology to provide a streamlined & bespoke trading experience.

Connect the gap between institutional capital and digital assets

MINCA bridges the gap between institutional capital and digital assets by providing flexible and curated liquidity solutions to our customers.

Catering to institutional money looking for a way into the digital asset space, we understand your business and provide custom solutions to fit it.

Whether you’re an institution, trader, family office, exchange, fund, or mining group, we can provide you with everything from auto-liquidation to a direct feed of liquidity right to your API.

MINCA is one of the first electronic, off-exchange digital asset liquidity providers in North America, operates through an electronic communication network (ECN), and offers deep liquidity to its clients with around-the-clock service.

Best-In-Class Liquidity

With ultra-low latency connectivity streams to 10+ of the industries largest liquidity providers, MINCA provides the tightest spreads on bitcoin exposure with limited drawdown.

Regulator & Compliance Focused

MINCA understands every facet of Europe Union ever-evolving policy framework towards digital asset policies. As a Poland regulated entity our team knows how to continually evolve to meet regulatory requirements.

API Connectivity

Two sided, continuous 24 hour price stream via FIX, REST, or WebSocket API connectivity fills both sides of the orderbook and ensures automated execution is completed with tight spreads.

Flexible Service & Same Day Settlement

MINCA offers around the clock service and guarantees same day settlement on all transactions. Credit facilities and flexible recoupment schedules available for eligible clients.

Support For 10+ Digital Assets

MINCA supports top 10 digital asset pairings against G7 currencies (CAD, USD, EUR, CHF, AUD, JPY & GBP).

Our values


Anticipating client needs through forward thinking technology and constant improvement of internal processes leads to better experiences for all of our clients and partners.


Maintaining strict confidentiality, regulatory adherence and industry best security practices for storage and sensitive client information provides ease of mind for our transacting parties.


No hidden transaction fees and transparent costs helps build lasting relationships with our clients, while also reducing any uncertainty over our offerings.

Our Founder



Serial Entrepreneur, licensed by the University of Córdoba in Aeronautics with a vast experience in global imports and exports, after the time spent at Erima ExpoMediterranea, Oscar decided to pivot into the world of startups, founding Piensa Network (the future Amazon of services). His unique talents, an innovator mindset applied to the technology sector made for a perfect pairing, today he adds Minca to his range of companies, bringing solutions to the fast growing blockchain and fintech industry.

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