Terms and Conditions

Website: https://minca.pl/
MINCA SP Z.O.O. is an innovative platform that makes available to its users an easy, effective, legal and safe ecosystem to carry out transactions on intangible assets, especially virtual assets such as cryptocurrencies. Therefore, we want to give you access and control, regarding the interaction that we hope to have with you, through the following guidelines:

Full Acceptance of the Terms and Conditions
As a visitor to our page, hereinafter: «User», when accessing and registering on our website, hereinafter: «MINCA SP Z.O.O.», you will have to accept the following Terms and Conditions, which have been designed to facilitate your understanding of the scope and guidelines for use of the Site. Similarly, you accept our Privacy Policy (Habeas Data), these being your guidelines as a User, if you do not wish to accept them you must refrain from using MINCA SP Z.O.O., since you may incur legal sanctions or within the Platform (suspension or cancellation of your bill).

We want you to have full knowledge of the Terms and Conditions that you are accepting, so we have prepared the following definitions that will allow you to know what the most relevant concepts we use mean:

Virtual Assets:
Term coined to describe all kinds of intangible assets that date from a purely digital nature.

Bitcoin (BTC):
It is a type of digital currency that is used to record and transfer value through a blockchain system.

Blockchain or chain of blocks:
It is a unified, consensual and distributed registration system in several channels (nodes). In the case of cryptocurrencies, it is the system that acts as an accounting system for transactions made with this type of intangible.

It is the generic term used to classify and denominate intangible or immaterial money, being purely digital in nature.

It is the company that operates and is responsible for the Site, making available to its Users a legal, technological and operational infrastructure that allows them to interact in a transactional ecosystem to carry out monetary exchanges regarding virtual assets in an agile and secure manner.

All communications and/or notifications sent through the Website to registered Users.

Data that is captured and stored through the use of the Site, for the consultation of the activities and preferences of the users during navigation.

Personal information:
It is all information that allows to identify or make identifiable a natural person.

Faculty of access by Users on the Platform to carry out transactions related to the purchase and sale of cryptocurrencies.

It is any form of communication that is found on the Platform or is sent through any communication channel authorized by the user, in order to provide information about products or advertising or marketing campaigns, own or third-party allies, made as a reference mechanism. and not as a public offer.

Any person who visits and uses the Website.

Terms and conditions of use:
They constitute the terms that must regulate the use that Users give to the Website.

Website Description
In MINCA SP Z.O.O., you will be able to exchange virtual assets within a verified community of buyers and sellers, in an agile, legal and safe way, according to market prices and receiving payments in Colombian currency through common financial channels such as Bank Entities. In the same way, you will be able to count on different services according to the transactional profile that you choose or that best suits your needs, having the possibility of carrying out frequent operations or simply occasional operations.

Ownership of the Website Website
“MINCA SP Z.O.O.” is owned by: “MINCA SP Z.O.O..”, a company of Poland origin, and who is responsible for the development and operation of the Platform. All the information related to the Platform is the property of MINCA SP Z.O.O.., being prohibited the total or partial reproduction of the content, also its translation into any language, transmission, transformation, inclusion, modification, sale, copy, publication, distribution, commercialization or any other onerous or free form, without prior, express and written authorization by MINCA SP Z.O.O.., Any violation of these rights will lead to appropriate legal action. MINCA SP Z.O.O.., reserves the right to modify or delete the contents of the Platform without prior notice, since the content is developed by MINCA SP Z.O.O.., or an authorized third party, without depending on Users. In no way, this type of actions will represent any type of breach in the interaction or provision of services that the Users of the Platform

they expect to have. The use of the Platform, the interpretation and use of the data and information provided on the Platform, are the responsibility of the User.

Service, Availability and Responsibility
The Platform will be available unless there are circumstances of force majeure, fortuitous event or events of a third party that prevent or restrict said access. MINCA SP Z.O.O., is exempt from liability in any of the following events: 1. It is not responsible for the improper use of the Site by persons authorized or not, to access it. Consequently, as a User you assume full responsibility for the operations ordered through the Platform. 2. For this purpose, as a User you agree to use as proof of operations or transactions carried out, the magnetic records that originate in our media and servers. 3. MINCA SP Z.O.O.., is not responsible for damages of any nature that the User may suffer as a result of any impossibility (electrical, electronic, software, virus or Hardware, communications, among others), delay or poor transmission of data or operations requested on your computer, or due to communication failures, equipment failures, or the means of transmission used; nor will it be responsible in events of force majeure, fortuitous event or strange cause that at any time may cause damage to the equipment or physical means used.

Intellectual Property Law (IP)
The User acknowledges that all the services provided, their technological developments are the exclusive property of MINCA SP Z.O.O.., as well as the brands, notices, trade names, advertising, drawings, designs, logos, texts, etc. The user must refrain from making any use or exploitation by any means of the elements of the Site, without the prior written consent of MINCA SP Z.O.O.., in accordance with the provisions of national and international regulations for the protection of Industrial Property and Law. From author. That said, the User must refrain from publishing, retransmitting or commercializing in any way or by any means, totally or partially, the information contained on the Site, and must also refrain from: modifying, copying, distributing, transmitting, displaying, publishing, editing , sell, or in any way exploit the rights over them.

Unauthorized access to the Site and/or any means of access to data and/or information will be considered a violation of our systems, for which MINCA SP Z.O.O. is empowered to initiate all legal actions and pertinent technical measures.

Obligations of the Users
As a User of the Site, we require that you comply with certain guidelines so that MINCA SP Z.O.O. is the safe space that we want it to be. Your behavior towards the MINCA SP Z.O.O. virtual assets community a) Refrain from using the MINCA SP Z.O.O. Site to carry out acts contrary to morality, the law, public order and good customs. b) Refrain from using the MINCA SP Z.O.O. Site for illegal, deceptive, malicious or discriminatory acts. Your behavior regarding the information and technology systems of the MINCA SP Z.O.O. Website a) Do not collect information or content from other users, or access it through unauthorized means. b) Refrain from deciphering, decompiling or disassembling any element of the Site. c) Access the Site without authorization, or access through hacking, password mining or any other illegal means. d) Do not upload viruses or malicious code of any kind. e) Do not use devices, software, or any other instrument to interfere with the proper functioning of the website. f) Do not use robots.” bot”, «spiders» etc., or any other automatic device or manual process to monitor, extract or copy the information through programs, scripts, algorithms or methods, or any similar or equivalent manual process to access, obtain, copy or monitor, or replicate or omit the structure of the Site. g) Disproportionately overload the infrastructure of the Site, or the infrastructure of any system interconnected with the Platform. h) Use any device, software or program to interfere with the operation of the Site. i) In general, all those conducts required by international regulations regarding the use of computer systems.

As a User you will be responsible for the damages caused by breach of these terms. You will be liable for possible civil liability claims for damages and/or losses to third parties that are attributable to you. Additionally, you agree to indemnify and hold MINCA SP Z.O.O. Operators, their affiliates, contractors, licensors, and their respective directors, officers, employees, harmless from any and all claims, actions, proceedings, investigations, demands, costs, expenses and damages (including attorneys’ fees, fines or penalties imposed by any regulatory authority) arising out of or related to the improper use of the Site or the breach or violation of any law, regulation or rights of another User.

Applicable Law and Jurisdiction
These Terms and Conditions will be governed by the laws of Poland, as well as any controversy or difference related to these will be submitted to the jurisdiction of Poland, if any counterpart belonging to the European Union is involved, otherwise any controversy will be will direct in Poland.

These terms and conditions correspond to version 1.0, and will be in force from April 7, 2022. All agreements prior to their issuance are excluded.